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Finally we have the Jelly Bean update on HTC One X, which took a little time to arrive to India but nevertheless it has arrived! The goodies that came with the updates are really worth mentioning, some of which we have expected and waiting for, while others we didn’t see coming. So lets see what we have that’s new, and what’s still missing.


Stuff we Liked:

  • Inbuilt Power Saver
  • Google Now
  • Message Background Customization (Kiddish but liked)
  • New lock screens
  • Main screens rotation
  • New themes
  • Gallery Changes
  • Secure & Block Messages
  • New Torch design
  • Project Butter

Stuff we didn’t Like!

  • Changes in storage options
  • No choose connection screen
  • Camera UI

And er… something:

  • Medialink HDD has been added(Shortcut & Icon)

Alright, let’s get the technical details out of the way first: When you get the update, you’ll first get a small software update for battery level management during software updates (size 1.25MB,V4.0.475679).After this, you’ll get the the JB update ( Size 359.95MB, Android 4.1.1 & Sense 4+).


Let the Screenshots begin:

Update for battery level management during software updates

The JB Update

The notification area: A complete revamp has taken place in the notification area. Better spacing, The time and date now look great.

The ICS (Sense 4) notification area

The JB (Sense 4+) notification area

The division of notification area as ongoing and notifications is removed. You can see the difference in the above two pics.

Connection type selection option: We don’t get the choose the type of connection anymore. Now the device is detected as portable device not as a disk drive when connected, the Internet pass-through & USB tethering options are buried deep (Settings -> More -> Mobile Network Sharing -> USB Network Settings).

ICS Sense 4

The ICS Sense 4 Connection selection option

JB Sense 4+ Connection option

The connection type option buried deep

We have a new option called the “Smart network sharing” – best guess : checks if the connected computer is online and if yes automatically chooses the “Internet pass-through” option and if not “USB tethering” is chosen. (WARNING : Be cautious if Smart network sharing option is selected the phone will not inform which internet connection is currently being and you may end up using all your monthly 3G or 2G data quota).

Power saver:

It controls the CPU Usage, Display Brightness, Vibration Feedback, & Data Connection. You can customize your power saver settings removing various controls out of the power saver feature.


Battery and Usage History:

The Usage options looks well refined now the screen in now removed from the list of items and History is no longer linked there in the usage options you have to go back one level and select the history option.The history graph has been revamped where you can get better details of the battery usage using the time axis.

Gallery Changes : Now, gallery launch screen shows different online picture hosting services and the pictures in phone.

Main gallery screen

Along with the default albums view we now have events view (groups the pics based on the time and the place at which they were taken)

Gallery – Event view

The Map view groups the pics using the GPS coordinates.

Map view

Map view


Lock screens: Two new lock screens, one for music lovers and one for the people who hate to unlock the screen twice (the ring unlock and

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then the number/pattern/face/password lock) I fall in that group “No Lock Screen” which gives the option to directly get to the main lock skipping the ring unlock screen. The music lock screen is pretty impressive, you can have 8 recently played albums on the lock screen and the all the songs in the album are accessible from the lock screen itself.

No lock screen


Camera UI: The camera controls where rearranged for easy use, front camera option came out of the options hierarchy, the zoom control has been shifted towards the shutter&record button. There is still a problem with the loss of view due to the shutter&record button, the object in the picture will not come in the center of the frame unless you consider the space used by the lens, shutter&record and gallery buttons.

New Skins :





Secure & Block Message box:

Two new options have been added

  • Secure Box

You can move some of your personal messages to the secure box which will be protected using a password

  • Block Box

The messages that come from the numbers that are added to the block box or the block list will be blocked and no notifications appear.

Secure Box & Block Box

Message Background customization:
The long awaited feature..
Project Butter: There is a considerable difference in the updated UI responsiveness. There is a increase in the
RAM usage now to 870MB (130MB free to say) what previously used to be 670MB (330MB free to say).
Black Chilled Says:
All in all, this has been a welcome update (finally!). Found any new feature not listed here, or any queries on how you can get this update, leave a buzz in the comments below!
About the Author:
Siddharth Srinivas is a passionate technologist, tracking mobile technologies on a daily basis. He

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is currently finishing his MBA at SIBM, Bangalore.

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